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Cultural expression through the arts

We believe in the power of the arts to illuminate ideas, create empathy, and bring people together.

Creative artists, creative audiences

From the beginning, we’ve immersed ourselves in designing for the arts – visual arts, performing arts, storytelling and listening, the practice of looking. Our theater, dance, and music venues focus on the individual creativity of performers and the social imagination of audiences, uniting them in a shared experience. We find the same energy in instructional art centers and in the way that the cultural and educational missions of museums constantly enrich their communities.

Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Arts & Culture

Industry Leaders

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Tom Rowe

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Karen Nichols

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Robert Blaser

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Sean Pichon

Washington, DC | Contact

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Thomas P. Rowe, AIA

Tom envisions the totality of the museums, studio art centers, and theaters he has designed, creating wonderful experiences for the public, pragmatic and inspiring workplaces for the staff, and civic identity for their communities.

Karen Nichols, FAIA

With over 40 arts-related projects to her credit, Karen offers a keen perspective on success, where front-end programming and planning lay the groundwork for designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Robert Blaser, AIA

Robert designs experiences, using the power of the arts to tell stories that inspire and entertain audiences and encourage artists and performers to express themselves joyfully.

Sean Pichon, AIA

Sean knows how to put people and organizations together to achieve amazing results for communities of citizens and artists, always seeking to make the public realm better for everyone. Check out how the Reeves Center in D.C. revives the traditions of “Black Broadway.”