Centennial Renaissance Project Begins to Take Shape

July 21, 2016

MGA&D’s master plan for Don Bosco Prep’s 35-acre campus in Ramsey, New Jersey included renderings and a video that helped the private Catholic college preparatory high school for young men, grades 9 through 12, raise funds for their 100th anniversary Centennial campaign. Leadership commitment from alumni, families and friends closest to Don Bosco Prep have enabled the school to meet all identified needs in the master plan and have attracted additional support as the project begins construction.

Named The Centennial Renaissance project by Don Bosco Prep, projects under design by MGA&D include St. Savio Hall, a 32,000 SF new building featuring a double-height covered loggia, dining gallery, cafeteria and 16 general use classrooms; a new landscaped Central Quadrangle, new memorial gardens and improved site infrastructure and parking enhancement. A new chapel and plaza is also under design that will become the central focal point of the campus.

When completed in 2017, the projects will deliver a new building and campus that reflects Don Bosco Prep’s standards of spiritual, academic and athletic excellence.

Taking advantage of the summer recess, site excavation is underway. Site infrastructure work is currently underway and will continue through July and August. Construction of the new upper parking lot and restriping of the stadium lot will be done first, followed by work on the lots near Immaculata Hall and St. John’s Hall.

Additionally, extensive rehabilitation of “The Pond”, a much-loved area of the school, rich with history and central in the memories of alumni, is also taking shape. The Pond will be re-dedicated as a memorial garden for fallen veterans. The existing dam that holds the lake waters back to create The Pond was in need of repair and excavation and dam restoration is happening concurrently.

Lastly, ground excavation and leveling for the new St. Savio Hall is underway. To learn more about the project, please click the link to be directed to the DBP Centennial Renaissance project video.

The main parking lot is excavated for new construction 

The macadam on the main/faculty parking lot has been broken up and removed to make way for the new St. Savio Hall.

Pond is excavated for new retaining wall

The pond at Don Bosco Prep was excavated and parts of the new retaining wall structure are already visible.

Site excavation for main campus quadrangle 

Excavation is underway to create the new Campus Quadrangle.


New parking lot in process and upper lot improvements 

Between Franklin Turnpike and Immaculata Hall, space for a new parking lot has been created. The upper parking lot near Granatell Stadium is being improved for additional parking and traffic flow.