Design Research

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Utilizing cycles of definition, exploration and implementation, we help clients solve their most pressing problems with creativity and empathy.

More so than ever before, people understand the power of the product design methodology, rooted in ethnographic research, to identify, define and solve a multitude of challenges that transcend the look, feel and function of an object. At Michael Graves, with our multi-disciplinary approach to design, we help clients seen around corners and innovate at the leading edge of transformation.


Ethnographic research
Benchmark research
Design brief generation
Model making
Consumer preference testing
Design refinement
Specification packets
Sourcing services
Design engineering
Value engineering
Product sample reviews/variance reports
Factory visits

Design Research

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Ben Wintner

Chief Executive Officer, Michael Graves Design
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Donald Strum

President, Michael Graves Design
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Rob Van Varick

Chief Design Officer, Michael Graves Design
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