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Designing environments that heal starts with making patients, families, and caregivers feel welcome, inspired, and ready to move forward. Even in acute care settings, when “hospitality” intersects with “hospital,” patient outcomes improve, and staff members feel fulfilled. Our inspiration sprang from rehabilitation, spread to age-sensitive design responses and now encompasses every scale – from the hospital or clinic to the patient room, bathroom, and beyond to innovative furniture and product solutions.

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St. Coletta of Greater Washington

Leadership in healthcare and accessibility

Michael Graves became a reluctant expert overnight when he suddenly became paralyzed from the chest down. His heartbreaking experiences as a patient and paraplegic stirred him to devote his final 12 years to becoming one of the nation’s most influential leaders in healthcare design and a champion for accessibility. He challenged and inspired the firm’s designers to create innovative and effective solutions for medical products and facilities that improve the experience of patients and caregivers alike. His legacy will endure.

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Robert Blaser

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Rob Van Varick

Chief Design Officer, MGD, Products
New Jersey | Contact

Signage That Keeps Us Safer
With COVID-19 around us, everyone is on alert about the spread of infection. We’ve all been counseled about avoiding contact with infected hands and surfaces as well as keeping our distance to avoid airborne disease. Logical and simple advice.
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Robert Blaser, AIA

As an architect for senior living and rehabilitation facilities, Robert creates inspirational and compassionate environments for patients, families, loved ones, and staff.

Rob Van Varick

Chief Design Officer of the Michael Graves Design Group, Rob is passionate about designing for disabilities. As an advisor to architectural projects, he scales up his expertise in product design and research to improve healthcare environments and experiences.