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Michael Graves has been at the forefront of hospitality-focused design for decades, precipitating the rise of boutique hotels in the 1980s before design was appreciated as critical to the guest experience.  We paved the way toward unique hyper-local, authentic and bespoke designs that redefined visitor expectations for resorts internationally.  We are now refocusing the guest experience through the lenses of cultural context, social promise, sustainability and wellness.


Industry Leaders

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Robert Blaser

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Megan Luce

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Jon G. Fisher

Principal, Director of Corporate Operations
Maryland | Contact

Julie Yurasek

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

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Austin Crowley, AIA, Associate
St. Regis Cairo
Winner of 4 International Property Awards, including Best International Hotel Interior in the World.
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The Loutrel
Winner of over 10 awards and accolades in the past 2 years.
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Robert Blaser, AIA

Robert sees the world of hospitality as a spectrum of guest experiences at every scale. He has turned vacant sites into vibrant venues, created guest rooms for many types of visitors, entertained them in restaurants, bars, and clubs, and soothed them in spas.

Megan Luce, NCIDQ

Megan brings out the best in a place by drawing on local history, culture, and customs, and creating interiors that tell the story. She always puts guests at the center, making them feel welcome and ready to enjoy themselves.

Jon Fisher, AIA

Jon has vast experience with many of the nation's largest hotel brands. He has planned and designed renovations, historic preservation, and conversions of offices to hotels, and has coordinated urban and suburban rebranding and reflagging. He also oversees new hotel designs and prototypes utilizing his knowledge of brand standards and interior design.

Julie Yurasek

Visitors are immersed in local cultures, craft traditions, and experiences when Julie designs the interiors of global hotels and resorts. A genius at creating an indelible sense of place, she attends to every elegant detail to build a luxurious ambiance found nowhere else in the world.