K-12 Education

Teaching and Learning Together

Education of our youth is foundational to building communities and creating an informed and civil society.

Humanizing environments create enjoyable learning

Two fundamental design factors enable the success of our PreK-12 schools: clearly organized, efficient building plans and sections that improve supervision and wayfinding, and architectural character that is conducive to learning and enjoyment. These simple devices speak to the human experience. School is about more than technology, curricula, and test scores, especially in the age of two-income families and single parenthood. It’s about connecting with each other and the community, and together shaping our children’s formative years socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

PS 343, The Peck Slip School, New York, NY
PS 671K, Brooklyn, NY

Early-childhood education: a good place to start

The ages from 3 to 6 are a “magically” profound time when physical and social development place them on the cusp between dependent toddlers and self-sufficient individuals. This rapid evolution requires teachers to be specially trained and focused on daily life skills, very different from caring for infants or instructing upper elementary students. Although the learning environments are specially sized and equipped, they should be intuitive and simple to use so that teachers spend their time focused on the children and not re-arranging the room.


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  • Test-fits
  • Programming, Ed Specs
  • Renovation and adaptive re-use
  • New construction 
  • Safety and security upgrades
  • ADA compliance 

K-12 Education

Industry Leaders

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Tom Rowe

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Kathy Dy

Principal, Design Practice Leader
New Jersey | Contact

Christa Kerrigan

Principal, Education & Community Practice Leader
Maryland | Contact

Wesley Curtis

Principal/Vice President
North Carolina | Contact

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Thomas P. Rowe, AIA

Tom’s creative design solutions for hyper-urban schools showcase the breadth of his ability to balance high occupancy with the needs of individual teachers and learners internally, and deep regard for the communities they serve.

Kathy Dy, AIA

Whether she is creating facilities programs and ed specs, planning complex layouts, or creating architectural character conducive to learning, Kathy’s astute knowledge and empathy for students and teachers produces exceptional results.

Christa Kerrigan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Christa has been driving the firm’s educational practice across scores of public school districts, always finding creative ways to upgrade aging buildings gracefully, ensure the safety and security of students and staff, and deliver superior learning environments.

Wesley Curtis, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP BD+C

K-12 education has been one of Wesley’s passions as he recognizes the contributions that architects can make to improve the quality of the school experience by design.