“Kitchen Twins” Introduce New MGA&D Cookware

February 13, 2017

Celebrity chefs, Lyla and Emily Allen, known as the “Kitchen Twins”, will create a healthy cooking demonstration at the Chicago Housewares Show in March to help introduce a new line of cookware designed by Michael Graves Design in cooperation with Italian cookware manufacturer, TVS. The new cookware line, called TEOREMA, Italian for Theorem, blends exceptional functionality with practical beauty.

The new TEOREMA cookware line designed by Michael Graves Design.

The Michael Graves Design team is super-excited to participate in the Kitchen Twins’ cooking demonstration as they take the new Teorema cookware range for a spin with an Italian inspired menu. “We love the girls and share their mission of inspiring families to gather in the kitchen to cook wholesome, fresh food together.” said Donald Strum, Principal and lead designer of the Teorema range.

In describing the team’s design process, Strum said, “As we began to design, we thought about the distinctive elements of a piece of cookware (the body, the handle, the lid) and how we could create a composition where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. From the outset, we thought about usability and how so much comes down to the handle. The unique profile of the Teorema handle forms a cradle that gives the hand a natural resting spot for better grip and balance. The same cradle can hold cooking utensils, keeping sticky food from transferring to the surface of the stovetop and counter. For the cookware bodies, we designed simple, yet eye-catching curves to enrich the cooking experience. The quality connection of the body to the handle is robust and secure. The slim, slightly bowing borosilicate glass lids make it easy to see the cooking process while the generous stainless steel lid handles are easy to grip, even with oven mitts, and feature the same cradle that holds cooking utensils.”