Legacy Project

Hyatt Regency Fukuoka Hotel & Office Building

Fukuoka, Japan

An Urban Mixed-Use Development

The Hyatt Regency Hotel and the associated office building initiated a long relationship with the developer and contractor that led to over a decade of collaboration on multiple projects in Japan. Sited on a narrow infill lot between a public park and a service river, the development includes an 11-story, 120,000-SF office building and a 13-story, 200-room hotel with conference facilities, food & beverage outlets, and retail.

The Gold Stair: Hinge and Centerpiece

The hotel occupies two wings flanking a center drive court and a distinctive rotunda in the center of the site. The hotel lobby, situated in the center of the rotunda, is lit from above by a distinctive pyramidal structure pierced by windows. A grand gold-leafed stair, which connects the public levels of the hotel to the office building beyond, is a hidden gem, and one of the most sought-after, photogenic sites in the city.

Project Lead

Michael Graves, FAIA. Current staff who participated: Thomas P. Rowe, AIA

Professional Credits

Associate Architect and Contractor: Maeda Construction


Fukuoka, Japan (Asia)


187,000 SF

Completion Date



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