From a collection of sleep hygiene products for the consumer market to a number of distinctive Michael Graves Architecture & Design projects are on the boards, in design, and under construction for 2017.

MGA&D is busier than ever, working on creative, design solutions in the consumer products, federal, workplace, hospitality, education and master planning sectors.

The following is an overview of projects, highlights and features that reinforce MGA&D’s commitment to human-centric elements that focus on design excellence and innovation.

We’re always working on new projects and equally excited to share our progress. We will periodically be updating individual project pages as each project comes closer to completion.


MGA&D is in a design partnership with Marpac, the world’s leader in high-quality sound conditioners. Marpac’s products have been improving people’s sleep since 1962. With today’s understanding of the importance of quality sleep, Marpac is poised to cement its position as the undisputed leader in “sleep hygiene.” MGA&D’s product design team has been working with Marpac’s product development and marketing teams on a full refresh of its collection of sound machines. We’ve designed a family of products that offer a full spectrum of features and benefits. We’ve connected the collection through an original design language that is beautiful, communicates the purpose of each item, is a pleasure to experience and is unique to Marpac.



MGA&D designed a collection of cookware called Teorema for the highly regarded Italian cookware company TVS. As we began our design process, we thought about the distinctive elements of a piece of cookware (the body, the handle, the lid) and how we could create a design where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. To start, we thought about usability and how so much comes down to the handle. The unique profile of the Teorema handle forms a cradle that gives the hand a natural resting spot for better grip and balance. The same cradle can hold cooking utensils, keeping sticky food from transferring to the surface of the stovetop and counter. For the cookware bodies, we designed simple, yet eye-catching curves to enrich the cooking experience. The quality connection of the body to the handle is robust and secure. The pronounced single rivet connection draws its positive proportion from the negative punched-out hanging hole featured on the long handles of the sauté, fry, and casserole pans, as well as the wok. The sculpted, tempered glass lids make it easy to see the cooking process while the generous stainless steel lid handles are easy to grip, even with oven mitts, and feature the same cradle that holds cooking utensils.


MGA&D just started two new product design projects in the kitchen organization category for our long time client Polder Products, a leading brand supplying consumers with well-designed, high-quality home goods.