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Michael Graves Design exists to create moments of joy that enhance people’s lives by offering products that are delightful, purposeful, pioneering, and extraordinary. As the first design brand to partner with Target, Michael Graves Design is famous for pioneering the Design for All movement and is credited with establishing America’s expectation that great design should be available to everyone. To date, Michael Graves Design has sold more than $1 billion at retail. The Michael Graves Design collection makes the world a more enjoyable place to live, work, learn and play. Shop for the collection at your favorite home stores and online at MichaelGravesDesign.com.


Transforming caregiving with products designed to work flawlessly and delight with special details that impart character and personality. Michael Graves Design canes are personal accessories that reflect your individual style so you can maintain your independence, safety and comfort. Simply better by design.

Kitchen Sinkware

Our new kitchen sink organization collection consists of functionally and visually superior products including several new dish drainers in alternative color combinations, sizes, and functional details.

Cutlery, Gadgets & Tools

When we consider food prep, it’s all about having the right tool and for that tool to be comfortable in your hand. This collection features gadgets and tools with generous handles and business ends that get the jobs done, along with coordinating drawer organization in our iconic indigo blue.

Food Storage & Organization

Consisting of glass and stainless steel salt & pepper shakers, oil & vinegar cruets, and canisters for your counters, to fridge bins to keep your refrigerator Pinterest worthy, to borosilicate glass and silicone food storage containers that go from freezer to microwave or oven to the table, the new Michael Graves Design assortment of food storage accounts for all food storage needs.

Waste Bins

Wanting to address recycle and trash, these waste bins are available in three sizes to meet various household needs. The simple step can design has a rounded lid and soft lines and is securely grounded upon a dark plinth containing the step open/close mechanism.

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Chief Executive Officer, Michael Graves Design
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President, Michael Graves Design
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Chief Design Officer, Michael Graves Design
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