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Dr. Gendler’s

The Dr. Gendler’s branding is such a visual success because the team at Michael Graves fully immersed themselves in understanding the company and audience’s needs. They flawlessly integrated all aspects of the design to create a unified experience.

A delicate and delightful brand identity and packaging

Dr. Gendler’s tasked us with creating a brand identity and packaging for their line of skin care products. The skin care line was developed by a dermatologist and uses unique ingredients with delicate touches. For the brands visual identity we wanted to echo these sentiments by using unique shapes and materials paired with a soft and luxurious color palette.

Giftable and travel friendly packaging design

The packaging was designed to be giftable and easy for travel. The products were packaged in doughnut shaped vessels that stacked around an inner peg to help keep everything organized. The exterior container used a semi-translucent plastic which gave the entire package a soft, subtle glow and allowed the color palette to be the focal point.

The logo icon mimics the products’ doughnut shape and the font supports the brands principals of basic, pleasurable and easy products. A soft color palette was used to echo their brand message: simple ingredients for delicate skin.

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