Wyndham Guest Experience

Wyndham Hotels

An immersive brand experience designed to delight

Our team worked closely with Wyndham Hotels to develop an immersive brand experience that included graphic design, architecture, interior design and product design. Brand collateral was created to reflect Wyndham’s philosophy of everything our guests see, touch, smell, taste and hear should delight.

Wyndham guest room accompaniments
Wyndham interior wayfinding signage

A fun, lively and delightful environment

A casual and friendly visual language was developed and applied to postcards, coffee cups, and wall murals as well as, welcome kits and signage. The Wyndham logo was re-purposed to create a dynamic and delightful pattern that adds personality to each piece.

Brand continuity was established through the use of colors, patterns and cheerful language. Graphic elements carried through to both the public and private spaces creating an enormous impact through experiential branding.

The use of patterning and color in this project made a huge impact on the guest rooms. The graphics created a fun, lively and delightful environment.

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