11th & I Street

Washington, DC

To make this project achievable, our team navigated the historic preservation board to gain approval for new construction in a historic district

11th & I Street
Washington, DC

Madison Investments

Completion Date

49 Units, 48,000 SF

Project Type
New Construction, Luxury Condominiums

Professional Credits
PGN Architects
MEP: Advantage
Structural: Ehlert Bryan
Civil: Vika

Honoring heritage in a contemporary way

The luxury residences at 11th & I Street, in the heart of the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, consists of 49 high-end condominiums within a total area of 48,000 square feet. The project seamlessly blends the charm of historic Capitol Hill with modern sophistication. It is a testament to the synergy between past and future, showcasing architectural excellence in a historic district.

Achieving the approval of the Historic Preservation Board to introduce new construction in a historically significant area was a significant achievement for our team. We were successful because we honored the heritage of the location while presenting a contemporary approach to urban living.

Sean Pichon, AIA

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Jeff Goins, AIA

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