Aviation Museum and Experience Park

Sanya, China

Sanya, China

Completion Date
2014 Master Plan

Project Size
Over 300,000 SF

Project Type
New Construction, Aviation Center, Museum, Experience Park

Professional Credits
Aviation Consultant: Leo A. Daly

Tourism planning and adventure

The southern coast of Hainan Island, gateway to the South China Sea, has become an increasingly popular tourist destination that promises a sufficient variety of entertainment and educational activities for families to return again and again. We were asked to imagine a coastline tourist venue on Sanya Bay to complement a  seaplane center that we designed. We envisioned an aviation experience museum with many attractions, from interactive I Fly weightless chambers and high-tech flight simulators to exhibits explaining the physics of flight. An outdoor park features a sculpture-filled esplanade, aviation-themed rides in an adventure plaza and tiered seating at water’s edge for watching airshows. The fluid forms and modern character of the architecture suggest both aircraft and the fluidity of the Bay’s blue waters.

Aviation diagram

Robert Blaser, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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