Baltimore City Hall

Baltimore, Maryland

In-depth, hands-on stone survey of a massive landmark facade

Baltimore, Maryland

Completion Date
2017 (documents); phased restoration over 11 years

81,000 SF (façade surface area)

Project Type
Restoration, Historic Landmark, City Hall

Professional Credits
Waldon Studio Architects

The work of renowned Baltimore architect George Frederick, the c. 1876 Baltimore City Hall is one of the oldest such structures still in continuous use. The team’s work involved an in-depth, hands-on stone survey of the entire Beaver Dam marble exterior of this Baltimore City landmark. While the assignment did not include hands-on survey of other materials, general observations were made for the intricate mansard style slate roofs, gutters, windows, and cast-iron dome. From this investigation, we developed complete stone restoration documents, which included typical treatments and details, guideline specifications, and a program for the phased restoration of the building’s exterior, including projected budgets. The proposed stone restoration program includes cleaning, repair, and repointing of all exterior marble.

This project documented over 4,000 incidences of stone and mortar deterioration, sorted into sections of the building facade, floor, and bays. Repair was determined for each entry and an associated cost assigned. Once the data was complete, construction documents showing every incidence were completed, creating a comprehensive picture of the building’s current condition and baseline for future surveys. The facade was split into phases and a cost assigned to each phase, projected to be implemented over the course of approximately 11 years based on funding.

Katherine Good, APT, CSI

Senior Project Manager, Historic Preservation Practice Leader
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