Church of Christ at Manor Woods

Rockville, Maryland

The extensive lobby renovation reimagines the character of the church

Rockville, Maryland

Completion Date

16,000 SF

Project Type
Design-Build, Renovation, Expansion, Church

Professional Credits
Waldon Studio Architects
Gardiner & Gardiner Construction

A dramatic new first impression

The architectural character and functionality of the church were dramatically improved by replacing a small, dark, brick lobby with an expansive, light-filled glass lobby that includes seating for the adjacent cafe. Other areas of the church were also renovated. Classrooms and youth education spaces were reconfigured to provide a flexible open plan layout and improved visual control. A new grand stair and elevator better link upper and lower levels, and a cantilevered hallway connects the north sanctuary entry to the entryway of the south fellowship hall.

Beyond the lobby and cafe, other areas of the church interior underwent major renovations, including interior classrooms and youth education spaces, which were reconfigured to accommodate greater visual control and required new structural components to support a more expansive open plan layout. Other upgrades include a new grand staircase and elevator bay linking the upper and lower levels.

The existing structure consisted of several decades of renovations and additions, therefore the project and structural aspects of the renovation necessitated careful attention to detail and analysis by the design-build team. The site changes were kept to a minimum to avoid the need for a full storm water management plan. A linking hallway is cantilevered from the existing building providing greater access from the north sanctuary entry to the south fellowship hall entry.  

Ravi Waldon, AIA, LEED AP

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