Democracy Prep

Bronx, New York

Two schools in one building differentiated through branded graphics

Bronx, New York

1000 Westchester Ave, LLC

Completion Date

118,000 SF (91,150 SF school plus play roofs, 21,500 SF retail)

Project Type
New Construction, Mixed-Use, PreK-5 Public Charter School, Retail

A mixed-use development for retail and education

Democracy Prep public charter school is a part of a 111,000-SF mixed-use building on Westchester Avenue at the Simpson Speer Station in the Bronx. It accommodates Grades PreK-5 and serves 540 students. The school program, occupying approximately 91,150 SF, is divided into two distinct facilities that share common areas such as student dining, a multipurpose room, administrative and support areas, and two play roofs. The ground floor contains the lobbies for both schools, the shared main office, and retail space facing Westchester Avenue. Democracy Prep’s colors, branding, and graphics distinguish the two schools and function as a wayfinding tool for the students.


Tom Rowe, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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Kathy Dy, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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