Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Omaha, Nebraska

Creating an environment that supports holistic rehabilitation

Omaha, Nebraska

Completion Date

240,000 SF, 110 patient rooms

Project Type
New Construction, In-patient and Out-patient Rehabilitation Hospital

Professional Credits
Associate Architect: DLR Group
Medical Planner: Page

Involving families in the healing process

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is a national leader in specialized rehabilitation programs for traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, pulmonary, burn and other disabling conditions for children and adults of all ages. It emphasizes holistic rehabilitation, addressing not only the body but also mind and soul, and involves families as well as patients in the healing process. Our design offers a humanistic and welcoming environment for both outpatient rehabilitation and the frequently long stays of inpatients. The patient rooms are large enough to accommodate family members staying overnight.  The main rehabilitation gym, common rooms and patient rooms face adjacent woodlands, taking advantage of the calming and healing effects of nature. 

Robert Blaser, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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