Matthews Memorial

Washington, DC

Environmentally conscious, Matthews Memorial was the first project in Washington, DC to use Type III wood construction in a commercial building

2632 MLK Jr. Ave SE Washington, DC

Matthews Church

Completion Date

99 Units, 130,000 SF

Project Type
New Construction, Affordable Housing

Professional Credits
PGN Architects
MEP: Summit
Civil: AMT
Structural: Kate's Engineering

Breaking new ground

Matthews Memorial is a groundbreaking example of Type III wood construction, marking a significant milestone in the Washington, DC building industry. The use of sustainable wood materials in a commercial building set a new standard for environmentally conscious design and construction.

Matthews Memorial serves a diverse range of residents, making it a cornerstone of the Anacostia community. Affordable housing units address the pressing need for accessible living spaces in the region, while replacement housing serves as a solution for residents impacted by previous redevelopment. Additionally, senior housing provides comfortable, safe homes for the elderly, fostering a sense of belonging and security.

At the time of its construction, Matthews Memorial made history by becoming the first commercial building in a residential zone. This not only showcases the adaptability of the design but also creates a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces.

Sean Pichon, AIA

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