MDL Flats I & II

Washington, DC

Projects that improve the quality of life and environment for DC residents and businesses

1530 & 1550 First Street NE Washington, DC

TMA Development

Completion Date
Phase I: 2021
Phase II: 2023

177 Units, 12,000 SF of Retail Space, 200,000 SF Total

Project Type
New Construction, Approvals, Affordable Housing, Retail

Sustainability Certifications
LEED Silver-equivalent

Professional Credits
PGN Architects
Structural: Ehlert Bryan
Civil: Vika

Improving the quality of life in an urban environment

The program and design of MDL Flats follows the Capitol Gateway (CG) Overlay and its approvals processes. The CG-Zone, for projects with views in proximity to the U.S. Capitol, is intended to permit medium-to-high-density mixed-use developments with a balance of uses that would improve the quality of life and environment for residents and businesses. The plan encourages pedestrian-oriented streets with active ground floor uses. The resulting MDL Flats, located in SW Washington, is a two-phase development: Phase I is a 10-story affordable housing project with 78 units, and the 10-story Phase 2 contains 101 units, all affordable. Upper levels are articulated in bays that break down the scale, and the first floor provides features such as seating, which cater to the pedestrian experience.

Sean Pichon, AIA

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