N Street Condominiums

Washington, DC

Conversion of six grand historic buildings from offices to high-end condos, complemented by a new six-story residential building behind

Washington, DC

N Street Ventures

Completion Date

6 Buildings with 32 Units, New Tower Construction with 36 Units, 60,000 SF

Project Type
Office to Residential Conversion, Historic Preservation, New Construction, High-End Condominiums

Professional Credits
PGN Architects
Interiors: ADG
Structural: Tadjer Cohen
Civil: Vika

Grandeur and charm of a historic neighborhood

Originally serving as offices, these six historic buildings have been thoughtfully converted into sumptuous residential havens, expertly preserving the grandeur and charm that define Dupont Circle. A careful restoration process was carried out in line with the stringent standards set by the Dupont Conservancy, ensuring that the unique character of each building was maintained. This preservation approach brings an authentic sense of history to the contemporary lifestyle.

Among the most remarkable aspects of this project is the preservation of the grand staircases within these buildings, a testament to the era’s architecture and design. Each building tells its own story, with exquisite details, intricate moldings, and period-specific craftsmanship that reflect a bygone era.

As the pièce de résistance, a six-story residential tower has been discreetly integrated behind the historic structures. This modern addition respects the historical context while adding a sense of sophistication and style to the project. The tower provides a contrast and complement to the existing structures, showcasing a fusion of old-world charm and contemporary elegance.

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