The Statue of Unity

Gujarat, India

The world’s tallest statue anchors a large tourist development

Gujarat, India

Completion Date

Size Statue: 182 meters tall
200,000 SF

Project Type
New construction, Statue, Museum, Memorial, Visitors Center, Hotel and Conference Center

Best Tall Non-building 2022 Award of Excellence - 2022 CTBUH Awards

Professional Credits
Project Concept & Management: Turner Meinhardt Graves Consortium
EPC Contractor: Larsen & Toubro
EPC Contractor’s Design Team: Woods Bagot, ARUP
Sculptor: Ram V. Sutar
Digital Conceptual Sculptor: Joseph Menna

Commemorating a founder of modern India

The Statue of Unity is a landmark project centered on a colossal statue – the largest in the world at 182 meters tall – of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a seminal figure in the history of modern India during its independence from British rule. He is credited with having convinced over 500 individual princely states to join the new unified Indian nation. The project both commemorates Sardar Patel and catalyzes tourism within the region and the surrounding 2,200-acre preserve along the Narmada River according to MGA’s master plan.  In addition to the Statue, which stands on an island in the river and has an exhibit hall and memorial garden at the base, the project includes a canopied bridge to the island, a visitor’s center, a hotel and conference center, a transit center and a 3.5 km road from the nearby town of Kevadia. Over 15,000 visitors a day visit the Statue.

Inside the art exhibit
A construction marvel in itself

A tall building that takes a realistic human form ​

Viewing area inside the Statue's chest

MGA designed the concept for the entire project which was provided to an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Contractor and its design team to execute with our ongoing design review. Our concept for the Statue was based on previous work of the noted Indian artist Ram V. Sutar who later oversaw the aesthetic development of the equivalent of a 50-story building that authentically replicates Sardar Patel’s appearance in a walking pose. A viewing platform at the Statue’s chest accommodates 3,000 daily visitors who can experience the Statue’s interior and panoramic views of the river and preserve.

The clients set the 182-meter height of the Statue to reflect the number of constituencies in the Gujarat Assembly. At 182 meters (597 feet), the Statue is nearly 50 stories tall; with its base, it measures 240 meters.

Projection mapping opportunity

At night, the Statue becomes a blank canvas for an array of light to transform the surface into a dynamic and unique light show. Projectors are situated perfectly to project imagery onto the 182-meters tall Statue. Thousands of spectators attend the night show each night to experience this beautiful and unique wonder.

Projection mapping on The Statue of Unity

Karen Nichols, FAIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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