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Project Type
Concept Design

Functional innovation

At a critical juncture in developed its brand strategy, Wyndham came to us to redesign three tiers of upscale select service and full-service hotels and their interiors. The solutions had to be tailored for local markets while providing a consistent guest experience for families and business travelers. We leveraged DESIGN in all of our disciplines – architecture, interiors, products and graphics – to create a hotel that performs as much as it delights.  

The design advantage

In hospitality, we believe that everything a guest sees, touches, smells, tastes and hears should delight (and even surprise). We helped position Wyndham as a leading branded hotel company that embraces design for its impact on the guest experience. Guests can personalize how they use spaces and make the hotel work for them, from communal lounges to technology and furnishings in the guestrooms. Regional photography throughout lets the guests know where they are.        

A versatile kit of parts

In designing the prototypes, we focused on three stakeholders: guests and their experience, franchisees and their operations, and Wyndham and its brand. In a newly built hotel, it’s easy to control consistency of the design standards. For conversions of an existing property to a Wyndham, we created a flexible kit of parts for built-in furniture and other furnishings that retains the brand experience while being practical to install.  Consistent brand graphics make you know you’re at Wyndham.            

Integrating branding into the project

Robert Blaser, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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