Yantai Resort Master Plan

Yantai, China

Yantai, China

Completion Date

95 hectares (950,000 square meters)

Project Type
Concept Design

Professional Credits
Spa Consultant Under a Tree

A year-round resort in the landscape

Since the site divides into three zones based on the terrain, MGA sited various activities according to their relation to nature. The south mountainous region is well suited for a four-seasons outdoor action park and a rugged mountain resort. The central valley, with its natural water course, is developed as a wetlands park and natural science center. The more gently sloped area to the north is used for more densely developed facilities such as a five-star resort hotel and club, and retail and restaurants arrayed along a vibrant retail street.

Destination hot springs spa

A secluded spa is conceived as a destination for relaxation and recreation, taking advantage of the naturally occurring thermal springs at Yantai. Many cultures have traditions for indigenous hot springs, often bringing a spiritual aspect to the communal social ritual.  With the spa consultant Under a Tree, MGA envisioned several spa experiences from around the world using natural landscape and man-made pools. 

Robert Blaser, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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