Building teamwork and camaraderie

Sports facilities rally fans while inspiring athletes to improve their games

All for one and one for all

Great athletic facilities attract and retain talent, whether in pro sports or on the college campus. While playing fields, courses, and courts are the ultimate performance stage, athletes spend most of their time training individually and together. Through practice and fitness centers as well as ballparks or stadiums, our sports architects consider the totality of the experience for players, coaches, trainers, and spectators. It’s all part of the game. 

Collegiate sports build camaraderie and community on campus. School spirit attracts students. Students become loyal alumni. Small moments evolve into traditions. And everyone remembers the big ones. 

Mark E. Ricks Athletics Complex at Kidd Brewer Stadium, Boone NC


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Ken McDaniel, AIA

Ken calls the shots for collegiate and professional sports, whether you run, jump, throw, kick, or swim. With over 30 athletic facilities of many types to his credit, he brings team spirit to the field.