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Our designs reflect the unique personality and culture of each ministry we serve.

Worshipping communities

We have helped over 200 faith-based organizations of various styles and denominations create spaces that strengthen connections to their communities. Some projects focus on the physical place of worship and others extend the ministry to non-traditional spaces or mixed-use developments that include housing, community centers, or schools. Our certified Church Consultants are experts who speak on design trends at national conferences and serve on the Board of the National Association of Church Design Builders.

Church of Christ at Manor Woods, Rockville, MD


Industry Leaders

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Ravi Waldon

Maryland | Contact

Andrew Beyea

Director of Design Mid-Atlantic, Faith-Based Practice Leader
Maryland | Contact

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Ravi Waldon, AIA

Ravi has a faith-driven mission to serve the community by creating physical environments that excel as tools for ministry. His leadership in this sector goes beyond worship facilities, also including community centers and mixed-use housing developments.

Andrew Beyea, AIA

Andrew believes that great design has the potential to strengthen the community and fulfill the mission of the client's we serve. He brings creative compassion to produce award-winning worship facility planning and design.