Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Intelligent Blends

The new machine includes two water pumps to increase the brewing speed, enhancing user experience while doubling the life of the unit, enhancing its value proposition

Project overview

Michael Graves Design had the opportunity to work with Intelligent Blends, an innovative solutions provider for the single serve beverage market, to design a new single cup coffee brewer for the office environment. The new machine includes two water pumps to increase the brewing speed, enhancing user experience while doubling the life of the unit, enhancing its value proposition. The new brewer, designed for break rooms and other gathering spaces is simple to use. It’s also similar in look and feel to Intelligent Blends existing residential grade brewer. MGD focused its design efforts on the aesthetics and the user experience/user interface of the brewer.

About the design

Companies are investing in employee experience, especially in the common areas like the modern-day break room. For our brewer design, we were focused on delivering simple, modern, sophisticated geometries that had a professional feel. We were also focused on the ritual of making and drinking coffee, providing an extraordinary yet efficient process. We envisioned a coffeemaker design that complements and completes these beautiful modern office spaces. We know that commercial equipment often represents its top-level performance by celebrating the components that make it function flawlessly. We call this a “celebration of the parts.” In our design, the water reservoir is prominently featured as its own element. A broadened shelf and ribbed, stainless-steel accent panels further elevate the perception of this unit and set an expectation in the users’ minds of a great coffee experience. The subtle overhang references the language of classic drip-coffee machines and premium espresso machines found in cafes. The unit sits atop a plinth, thus establishing an architectural scale and visual rhythm of an energetic, urban landscape.

UI/UX design

From a user experience perspective, we designed a water tank that is easily accessible without requiring movement of unit to access. We provided clear communication of how the unit functions. We added a removable mug tray to allow for placement of taller tumblers. To enhance efficiency for the client and flexibility for the consumer, we designed the unit to be a single item that can either work with the reservoir or be connected to plumbing. We also mapped out all controls and user interactions, making the unit as simple to use as possible. filling the cup.

LED Light strips provide a fun visual timer that shows the water heating up before dispensing and counting down.

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