Baltimore City Courthouse

Baltimore, Maryland

Sensitive historic restoration of an important civic structure

Baltimore, Maryland

Completion Date

81,000 SF (façade surface area)

Project Type
Restoration, Courthouse

Professional Credits
Waldon Studio Architects

In the late 1980s, in advance of the re-dedication of the Baltimore City Courthouse as the Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Courthouse, the firm was retained for the restoration of interior public spaces and key elements of the exterior facades of this monumental Beaux-Arts style landmark designed by Wyatt and Nolting.  

The firm was later retained by the City of Baltimore to help design and orchestrate restoration, rehabilitation, and ADA improvements within a variety of spaces, including original courtrooms, support facilities, public corridors, and restrooms. Specialized work included: cleaning of limited portions of the marble and granite facades; restoration of all monumental bronze entrance doors and grillwork; restoration of two heavily deteriorated and covered historic decorative stained art glass domes; period lighting; decorative plaster repair; and repainting of several public spaces with original historic color palettes.


Katherine Good, CSI, APT

Senior Project Manager, Historic Preservation Practice Leader
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