NJCU – George Karnoutsos Arts & Science Hall

Jersey City, New Jersey

Creating a connected campus

Jersey City, New Jersey

Completion Date

77,000 SF

American Schools & Universities Education Design Excellence Portfolio

Professional Credits
Associate Architect: STV

Optimizing a pivotal site

Karnoustsos Hall occupies a pivotal position at NJCU physically and programmatically and connects students and faculty with each other as they traverse the campus. The project commenced with a master plan and conceptual alternatives that showed how various arts and science components would be integrated with the adjoining Fries Hall, shape the building and define a new quadrangle with the student center. A two-story colonnade along the south side  of the building reinforces a natural campus pathway from Hepburn Hall and the original campus to the student center. The distinctive entrance tower on the corner creates a new visual focus and is similar in height to the Collegiate Gothic campanile of the original campus. 

Tom Rowe, AIA

Principal, Design Practice Leader
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