Reeves Center

Washington, DC

A public-private partnership to re-energize the public realm and restore the legacy of Washington’s “Black Broadway”

Washington, DC

Reeves CMC Venture

Completion Date
2027 (est.)

700,000 SF

Project Type
New Construction, Performing Arts, Art Schools, Hotel, Retail, Childcare, Offices, Market-rate and Affordable Housing

Professional Credits
Associate Architect: Michael Marshall Design

Focused on African-American arts, culture, and business

The location for the new Reeves Center at the intersection of 14th and U Streets, NW is a historic crossroads directly linked to Black history and culture, the DC Home Rule movement, and civil rights activism. The project includes a plaza and amphitheater named for significant Black leaders, an Alvin Ailey American Dance School, a Viva school of dance, Washington Jazz Arts Institute, and a Dave Chappelle Comedy Club. It also includes municipal offices, the headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a 116-room hotel, 22,500 SF of local-business retail, a child development center, and 322 units of affordable and market-rate housing.

The Center’s name is a tribute to Franklin D. Reeves, lawyer and civil rights activist who was part of the team that shaped the landmark desegregation case Brown V. Board of Education.

Engaging the urban realm for residents and visitors

The building is organized to engage the public realm by reinforcing the street edge as an important urban form and allowing the corner to open into a large public plaza in the center of the plan. All of the edges along the street are enlivened with activities and offer transparent views to activities inside. In the courtyard plaza, there is a large amphitheater for public performances and various pedestrian-scaled features that allow it to feel welcoming when events are not taking place.       

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