Shannon Place

Washington, DC

With 82,100 square feet of repurposed space, this LEED-Silver Class-A office building now offers unrivaled views of the city's iconic landmarks

2235 Shannon Place SE Washington, DC

Four Points

Completion Date

82,100 SF

Project Type
Adaptive Reuse, Class A Office

Sustainability Certifications
LEED Silver

Professional Credits
PGN Architects
Structural: Allyn Kilsheimer
MEP: Power Design

Shannon Place, an architectural transformation located in the historic Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, DC, is an example of excellence in adaptive reuse. The former 82,000-square-foot warehouse was meticulously reimagined into state-of-the-art, LEED-Silver, Class-A office space. Existing architectural elements were integrated with modern design features, creating a harmonious fusion of history and innovation. The project’s design emphasizes spatial efficiency, energy conservation, and a seamless blend with the neighborhood’s unique characteristics. With unrivaled views of the city’s iconic landmarks, Shannon Place not only revitalizes the built environment but also breathes new life into its rich and culturally significant community.

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