The Johns Hopkins Hospital – Broadway Campus

Baltimore, Maryland

Comprehensive restoration program for three historic buildings

Baltimore, Maryland

Completion Date

Project Type
Restoration, Historic Structures Report

2005 Preservation Project Award, Baltimore Heritage
2006 Preservation Project Award, Baltimore Heritage
2006 Craftsmanship Award, Building Congress and Exchange

Professional Credits
Waldon Studio Architects

The firm was hired by The Johns Hopkins Broadway Campus to assess and prepare a comprehensive restoration program for the exterior of three of the institution’s original and most visible buildings: the John Shaw Billings Administration Building, c. 1889; the south-flanking Wilmer Eye Clinic, c. 1889/1927; and the north-flanking Marburg Building, c. 1889/1918.

The three-part project involved a complete assessment of each building’s structural and exterior components, and creation of a Historic Structures Report, including a phased program for the repair and restoration of each unique component. Once the initial report was complete, full construction documents were prepared for each recommended phase of the work.

The project’s masonry restoration work included extensive repair and recrafting of severely deteriorated sandstone trim elements, cleaning stone and brick face and trim elements, and repointing deteriorated areas of the brick facades. Roofing on all buildings was replaced, as the original Peach Bottom slate had reached the end of its useful life and copper roof panels were beyond repair. All of the historic low-slope roofs were re-roofed with new flat-seamed and batten-seamed copper, which carry decorative metal balustrades. Decorative metal work was restored and/or repaired and reset in its original configurations.

Katherine Good, CSI, APT

Senior Project Manager, Historic Preservation Practice Leader
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